Digital Maker Hub (DMH) is a physical space in the community to bring the school and community members – kids, educators, parents, industry experts together to encourage the activity of digital making.

DMH is equipped with diverse tools, materials and learning resources which are made available for the public to embark on digital making projects.

More info on the DMH can be found from here.


1) Site – refers to the physical space offering digital making activities

e.g: WARISAN Academy Sdn Bhd or SMK Bukit Pantai, Kuala Lumpur or Majlis Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu
e.g: 103783-M
e.g: WARISAN Academy, Lot 1212, Ground Floor, Pusat Komuniti MBPJ, Jalan Tandang, 41000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
e.g: Ahmad Idham Bin Abu Bakar
e:g: 012-3456789
e.g: WARISAN Academy was set up to inspire great interest in science and technology, that will result in an environment that generates great passion for excellence through technical innovations in Selangor and Petaling Jaya specifically with strong collaboration with industry partners such as INTEL, Microsoft and Google to empower school and university students through various STEM outreach programs including Young Innovate Malaysia, learning visits and career talks in STEM.
e.g: WARISAN Academy is setting up a maker space in a rural, out of town area in Petaling Jaya. This space will enable us to reach out to the 1,00,000 strong population of Petaling Jaya, of which there are approximately 100,000 students to gain the necessary STEM exposure. We have a strong relationship with our industry partners such as INTEL, Microsoft and Google. This partnerships will enable us to further enrich the activities we can offer.

Targeted Beneficiaries

e.g: SMK St. Michael’s Institution
e.g: 30
e.g: 2

Key Activities (Current)

e.g: Feb - May 2017
e.g: Exposure to Arduino programming to PPD Gombak schools in preparation for Young Innovate 2017
e.g: Focus: Arduino Programming

Key Activities (Future)

e.g: Jan 2021
e.g: Kick off Hour of Code in 10 new primary schools within PPD Gombak as an outreach program to instill
e.g: Focus: Scratch Programming, No of Mentors: 20, No of Schools: 10, No of Students: 100, No of School Teachers: 10

Key Partners

e.g: MDEC
e.g: To help support programs such as STEM Outreach programs

Success Indicators

e.g: 80% of students who enrol in the program will return as senior student mentors for next year

Key Resources (Existing)

e.g: University student volunteers from Faculty of Electrical Engineering
e.g: To help train students in outreach program and to serves as mentors during regional competitions
e.g: 30

Key Resources (Wish List)

e.g: 3D Printer - Apollo Model
e.g: To be used for 3D Modelling and Printing programs in future
e.g: 1
e.g: 5,000.00

Sustainability Strategy

e.g: Expand outreach program to 10 new schools within PPD Gombak and to obtain co-sponsorship of program from PIBG of those schools in addition to usual operating charges
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