Interest in digital-making can only be cultivated by immersing students, teachers and parents in the digital ecosystem that always promotes digital-making. For that, few initiatives are conducted across the country to ensure an efficient ecosystem of digital-making where interaction between all digital stakeholders can take place.

What is Digital Maker Hub?

  • Digital Maker Hub (DMH) is a physical space in the community to bring the school and community members – kids, educators, parents, industry experts together to encourage the activity of digital making.
  • DMH is equipped with diverse tools, materials and learning resources which are made available for the public to embark on digital making projects.

For more info on Digital Maker Hubs and their locations

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How to get your space recognized as Digital Maker Hub?

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What is Digital Maker Club?

Co-curricular clubs in school such as Robotics Club, Computer Club, Videography and Photography Club, which are structured to provide digital skills to the members, encourage participations in making their own digital inventions and submit them to competitions

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How to join competitions?

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What is #mydigitalmaker HERO?

  • An open-source digital badge platform to capture student’s digital making skills & achievements.
  • We help students (age 7-17) to be on the lookout for digital making & non-digital making programmes (classes/competitions/events) throughout Malaysia.
  • These programmes are organised by our dedicated partners who primarily use this platform to award students with digital badges as tokens of their achievements.

Visit #mydigitalmaker HERO page via link below to learn more about Digital Badges

What is #mydigitalmaker Fair?

  • #mydigitalmaker Fair is the physical manifestation of the mydigitalmaker Movement, and the Fair was first held in 2017. The event comprises of exhibitions, hands-on workshops, competitions and talks by industry subject matter experts. The Fair celebrates what the movement has accomplished throughout the year. It is also to encourage Malaysian youths to grow from digital users to digital innovators.
  • To know more about #mydigitalmaker fair and how can you be a part of this spectacular annual digital festival, check out our site below.