What is being done to prepare teachers/educators through this movement?

  • To ensure that the educators are prepared to deliver the new computer science and Design Technology curriculum, #mydigitalmaker includes the deployment of a range of train-the-trainer programmes for Master Teachers, Counsellors, Principals and MOE officers.
  • Selected universities were also chosen as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) partners to make continuing professional development courses on computer science available for teachers.

What is Continuous Professional Development (CPD) centres?

  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) centres are a group of public universities certified by MDEC to train educators in integrating Computational Thinking (CT) and Computer Science (CS) in teaching & learning. This is in line with the new revised KSSR and KSSM curriculum.
  • The centres also conduct awareness activities, upskilling and reskilling of teachers and students in digital making.
  • Refer to the link for the location of the CPD centres nationwide : https://mydigitalmaker.com/teachers-training/

Where can teachers find the list of the trainings provided by us ?

Refer to website http://www.mdec.my/mydigitalmaker/TeacherTrainings

All FREE teaching Modules can be found at ?

Link to the resources – https://mydigitalmaker.com/teachers/resources/

What is a Digital Counsellor Programme?

A one-stop platform to sustain engagement with career counselors via digital adoption, providing access to

  • Virtual Mentoring (Industry & Academia)
  • Discussion / Newsfeed
  • Resources and Event updates

To know more about Digital Counsellor Programme  refer website