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What is  #mydigitalmaker?

#mydigitalmaker is one of the initiatives by  Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) under Ministry of Communication and Multimedia, that launched in 2016. This movement was jointly implemented by MDEC, Ministry of Education, Institutions of Higher Learning, strategic industry and NGO partners towards the shared Malaysian vision to become a thriving and competitive connected economy.

It is a joint public-private-academia initiative that aims to create a nation of digital makers by transforming Malaysian youth from digital users to digital producers. It was established to address the need to equip Malaysian youths with the right skillset and mind set, to ensure that they remain relevant in the future workforce.

What does #mydigitalmaker want to achieve?

  • Transform Malaysian youth from digital users to producers in the digital economy
  • Cultivate interest and skills in digital innovation and creativity amongst school students and youths
  • Increase the interest and uptake in Science stream in upper secondary school and STEM undergraduate courses
  • Strengthen talent readiness for digital economy job opportunities.

How will #mydigitalmaker achieve its goals?

This movement thrives to achieve it’s goal through formal learning intervention by supporting the Ministry of Education to integrate Computational Thinking and Computer Science (including coding) education in the national school curriculum.and informal learning intervention by mobilization of a complementary digital maker ecosystem comprising private sector partners, universities and NGOs, to nurture and groom talented young digital makers via out-of-classroom project-based learning activities and competitions.